Sunday, May 18, 2008

I miss my family....

This past week I had a very eventful week. Two Thursdays ago I got really sick, fever, horrible side and shoulder pain that lasted through Monday. So on Monday afternoon I went to the Peace Corps doctor in Guatemala City and he decided to admit me to the hospital for test, thinking I just had a kidney infection! Well it turns out that all my test came back negative for everything so I was a medical mystery! In the end he decided that it was a viral infection on the lining of my lungs that had started to affect my liver and kidneys somehow and that is why I had so much pain there! It was a somewhat scary experience because it was the first time that I can remember that I was in the hospital and then him telling me he didn’t know what just a little to much for me!

But on the other hand the hospital was great. I had a great bed, comfortable, hot shower, CABLE (got to watch all about the election as it was happening and not a month later) and good food ( I know hospital food is normally horrible but this was really good)! It was a little difficult to communicate with the nurses not because it was only Spanish but because city Spanish is soooo much different than pueblo Spanish, faster, more educated, etc.!

The city it another country within Guatemala. When I got to the city I can get, find, do almost anything that I could want or need! There are movie theaters, malls nicer than most in the states, fast food drive-through, and just in general a huge city feel! But then you will look out your window and see little women in corte, with a huge load of something on her head weaving her way through the suits and designer jeans. It is a mind boggling experience, seeing the two worlds collide is wild!

I am so EXCITED because my brother is coming on Wednesday! It has been nine months since I have seen anyone in my family and it feels almost surreal that he is coming! I think it is going to be a good experience for both of us! For him because he has never been out of the country, let a lone to a developing world. And I am anxious to see what he notices that I have become accustomed to and had forgotten is different! I just cannot wait to see him, I have missed him so much, especially watching him kick butt this season in baseball! He was pitching of the week for his conference twice, a feat never accomplished before! Sorry just had to brag a little!

So the rains have started to make their way in every couple of days and I already hate it! I don’t know what I am going to do when it is everyday…ahhh! But I guess that I have to learn with this too!

Until next time…..

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