Saturday, August 25, 2007

On my Way

T-minus 30 hours! I cannot believe that I am finally leaving. Its seems like I have been awaiting/looking forward to this moment for the last eleven months never thinking it would come! Everyone keeps asking me how I feel, scared, excited, nervous, you know, the normal emotions, but in truth I cannot even put into words how I feel! The closest that I can come to describing my feelings would be for you to close your eyes (do it) and to imagine that excited feeling you get right before a big event, coupled that with that sinking feeling you get when you get bad news, in addition to that eerie feeling that you get when you think of the unknown...this my friends is how I feel right now (I think my body is going into overload)!

Enough about how I feel (I want to be a guy here and say feelings suck) but now on to more important things...the ground rules for my first blogging experience. I feel that laying some ground rules for myself and my avid readers (aka my DAD) will help prevent miscommunication and/or disappointment for my "avid" readers and myself! So the following is what you should and should not expect from my wonderful blogging over the next twenty-seven months!

First I want to let all my readers out there know that I should have never passed 10th grade English as my writing ability is not up to par (Carolyn can second this)! I am not insightful, poetic, deep or shall we say humorous but I am rather dry and factual (in addition to the worst speller in the world)! If you are reading this blog do not hold the expection of being monumental moved, emotionally altered, entertained or enlightened, I will mostly likey not be able to fill those expectations!

I love to use "..." and I tend to use them frequently as a result of never learning how to use correctly comma!

As I stated above, I could possible be the worst speller in the world (my 4th grade standardized test told me I was in the bottom 28th percentile of 4th graders)! I cannot guarntee that I will have access to spell check, with that said, please do not judge my intellectal ability on my spelling (I really am smart)!

I will try to refrain from the use of profanity (interject my friends and family laughing), YES I will try to refrain and keep this blog at the level of PG! I cannot guarntee that all subjects will be appropriate for all age levels but the content will be clean!

I sometimes think that odd things are entertaining or funny! If you think that my humor has gone astray please let me know!

On that note, I would love feedback (only postive of course)!

I hope you all enjoy!!!

Guatemala here I come!

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Krissi said...

Congrats! We will be thinking of you often and sending positive thoughts! Hope you enjoy every second. Can't wait to hear how things are going!!! We are all very proud of you! Love, Krissi, Jared and Jackson