Tuesday, October 2, 2007

That’s right I have a life…

I got to have my first “night out” on Friday…YAY! First off let me calm you down before you get to excited for me… I was home by 8:30 and asleep by 9:30! It was really exciting though because we got to go to Antigua on a Friday night and have some beers and dinner! This is really exciting because we never get to do anything…we are suppose to be with our families all the time, which is normally great but sometimes I really need to just feel like I am 23 years old again! It almost feels like high school again, having a curfew, having to tell your family every time you leave the house, having to sneak around to drink…I am having major flashbacks!! It was really nice to be in a social setting and not a classroom session with other PCT…personalities come out and bonds begin to form…it was fun!

Saturday was the most incredible day that I have had here so far…weird it was our one month anniversary of being in country! I started out the day with a kick-ass conversation with my host dad…it was my first really long convo (an hour) that I have had here in Spanish! Then because no one else was home I got some quite time to read and relax before I began the day! Two other trainees for the neighboring town came up and met me and my fellow trainee here in Magdalena! We went shopping for lunch…this included hitting up the local corner market/store to get some veggies…then the careneria (meat store) which is also a mini hardware store…oh yea it was interesting! Then we went on this amazing hike up the mountain that Magdalena sits on…it had the most amazing views I have ever seen in my life! We could see Antigua and Chimaltenango (an hour and a half drive away)! It was absolutely the most tranquil moment I have had here…it was untouched by humans so we were completely surrounded by nature, in its purest form!

On our way back down the mountain, one of my fellow trainees saw someone she knew working on his land so we stopped and said hello, which turned into an hour session on farming, fruits, vegetables, and other things! Let me just say that I cannot wait til March when all the avocados are going to be ready…YAY! We tried some many different kinds of fruits straight from the tree…these included, the sweetest pears, sugar cane (which he peeled with a machete), and then this other fruit I have never seen before in my life and I cannot remember the name worth the life of me! It was just amazing that is man, who knew only one out of the four of us, took us in, feed us so much, and taught us all about his land, produce and his life! All I could think about was how fabulous this was and how here your day never has a plan it just always takes its own course…you could plan on having lunch at one but not end up eating until three because you met the coolest farmer ever!!!

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Anonymous said...

So, I'm the only one that keeps commenting and you must think, "Get a life Laura!" but right now my job is boring with literally nothing to do but I'm stuck at my desk in front a computer. Plus, this is good stuff! I'm glad you're having such a good time!