Friday, July 18, 2008

I´m a ROCK STAR...almost

When you first start training they talk a lot about what your life if going to be like. The conditions, the loneliness, the frustrations and the idea that you are going to be a rock star for the next two years. What they mean by this is that you are going to be that person that everyone wants to know, talk to, shake hands with and you will inevitably have groupies (a.k.a the kids)!

This week I went out to two new communities. These communities were way, way, way out there…I am talking an hour and a half truck ride out there! When we showed up and I got out of the car I was mobbed, I imagine that is what celebrities feel like but on a daily basis! I was a little overwhelmed and quite frankly a little scared! But things died down and we went on to give our presentation (which went quite well)! We got to use the new computer that Caterpillar donated (thanks!) and the projector that we recently purchased for such uses! The people were really impressed, it looked like we had our stuff together, and little do they know what really goes on…lol!

After our presentation they served us lunch, tamales, which are good but not my favorite! I had one but that was not enough for them. They kept shoving more and more on to my plate. I was trying to tell them that I could not eat that much but they were not going to have it because as one older man put it, “Gringa, you are from America, everyone is fat and eats a lot there.” You have laugh sometimes because honestly they are kinda right!

Anyway back to the whole “rock star” thing! After lunch we went to look at the coffee of various families. Normally this would consist of dirt paths and a little bit of trekking through the fields but this community did it a little differently. We were hiking through who knows what kind of forest of coffee, banana, pacya, corn, beans and who knows what else to see these fields! I was jumping over barbwire fencing, over flowing rivers and well of course, cow, horse and chicken pooh! I have to say that being a “rock star” in Guatemala is really different, you have the fame yes, but not the fortune and on a daily basis you are not being pampered but instead you are covered in dirt and cow pooh! Like I said I am ALMOST a ROCK STAR!

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Anonymous said...

The Rock Star training? Maybe they are addressing popularity that comes from something else? Rock Stars are rich, like the ones in Afghanistan. PCs are poor.

Rock Stars are usually damned too. Elvis. So, they might do bad things like eat allot of jelly donuts and cause an earthquake. Maybe they're saying PCs are dangerous and should be treated with respect?

Watch the jelly donuts.