Friday, March 21, 2008

First Visitors

First Visitors…

This past week Carolyn and Dorothy were here with me in Guatemala! I cannot even describe how I felt waiting for them at the airport…I felt like I was seven again waiting for Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought me! Having them here was almost like a dream, I could not believe that someone from the States was here…in Guatemala, it was surreal! I couldn’t sleep the first night they were here for fear I would wake up the next day and they wouldn’t be there!

We had a great week though. We traveled to the lake, my site and Antigua! It was so relaxing just sitting around talking, catching up and showing them “my country.” It was fun having them in my house, making dinners and just showing them what an average day in the life of a Peace Corps Volunteer entails, which sometimes as they saw is unpredictable! I was really sad to see them go but oddly enough I was ready to get back to work and San Martin, it has become home! It feels good after I have been gone for a weekend to come back and just relax, and know where everything is…kind of like coming home from college for Christmas Break! I never really thought that this place would feel like “home”

This week is Semana Santa and I am spending Thursday and Friday in Antigua to see all the processions there! Antigua has the biggest celebrations in Guatemala during Semana Santa. I am going to spend Saturday and Sunday here in San Martin! I am really exciting to see all the processions and to see how active San Martin becomes!

It is interesting how some things are the same no matter where you are in the world! I don’t know how many of you learned to player the recorder in 4th grade but I sure did! I loved learning, it was so much fun, although I am sure my parents didn’t enjoy it as much! Where am I going with this…the other day I was sitting in the office and I hear a young boy playing the same song that I learned to play when I was in 4th grade and it totally took me back to my days of innocence! The next day the streets were filled with kids and their recorders and that is when I began to understand how much my parents probably hated it! There were way to many kids that did not know how to play it, many groups of boys who just wanted to see who could make the loudest sound and still others who just played random notes, someone help me!

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