Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What a week...

Last week was the week from HE double hockey stick…haha just had to throw that one in for a little humor before I begin my rant! So here is how my week went…

1. My counterparts did not have any of the stuff typed up I had left them for the
weekend and on top of that they lost the papers!
2. My camera got stolen out of our office.
3. I broke a cup and a dish at the house of one of the guys I work with.
4. I thought I had lost my grandma’s ring (found it three days later).
5. The zipper on my favorite skirt ripped.
6. My charger died so my computer is not able to charge.
7. The camera I was going to buy off of amazon.com sold before I could buy it.
8. I could not get my packages at the training center (then did by sheer luck).
9. They changed the password on the computers at the training center so I could not use it.
10. Worst of all, I didn’t have minutes to call anyone and cry, sad!

So this was my week last week, probably one of the worst of my life. I was so sad that I tossed around the idea of going to the airport and buying a ticket home…I was in a bad state!

But then I met my sitemate in Antigua and had a great day hanging out, laughing and eating of course! We went back to San Martin and made Mac and Cheese (the real stuff, courtesy of Courtney, THANK YOU)! That mac and cheese made all the other stuff seem like it was far, far away! We went to Marc’s restaurant (an American that lives in San Martin) to make our mac and cheese and watch a movie on the big screen/projector thing that he has and it was idyllic compared to the rest of the week!

This week has started off much better! We sold half of our coffee yesterday which is about 400 lbs of dried beans which is approximately 1800 lbs of the coffee fruit! I was like a proud mother at a school play while they were loading it into the truck! The farmers were so excited and proud of what was happening that it was hard not to be beaming like them! Some of the farmers got checks for Q1200 – Q1500 ($160-200)! That is something here!

I am really excited too because I am going to have my first visitors on Saturday! Carolyn and Dorothy, the women who I lived with this summer, are coming for Carolyn’s spring break (Carolyn was my professor at LFC, well more like one of my closest friends)! I cannot wait to show them San Martin and Guatemala!

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