Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Brother time...

The rainy season is in full swing, blah! I had forgotten how much I hate rain. Everything get so wet, things mold over night, you are stuck in doors every afternoon, your laundry never dries and most of all there is no sun, depressing!

My brother, Brandon was here for the last 12 days. It was sooo much fun (most of the time)! We have not gotten to spend that much time together, I think, since I went to college and it was the first time that it was just the two of us! I had a blast with him! It was interesting to see the things he thought were cool, different, and interesting. I don’t know if it is just things that I have forgotten that I thought or if it is the difference between male and female or age difference! For example the traditional clothing, I think, is one of the most beautiful things about Guatemala and my brother could have cared less but he thought the machetes all the men carried were cool, and he thought it was fun that I had to burn my trash, were I see that as a hassle.

We did a lot of hanging out at my house doing nothing. We helped with the cooking and did a lot of cleaning for me! He built me a water drainage tunnel so that I would not get so much mud on my porch, all while I sat around and read! I am going to miss having someone to do stuff like that for me! He even helped with the laundry, couldn’t believe it!

We did a lot of traveling too. We went to this amazing beach in Sipacate! The first night we were there, we were the only ones on the whole beach! The beach is a black sand beach with great waves for splashing in, which we did a lot! We also find completely whole sand dollars, which for as many years as I have been going to the beach in Florida have never found. The lodging was a little rustic, think bungalows and mosquito netting! But all in all a great, relaxing weekend away!

We also hiked Volcano Pacaya, which is amazing! You hike up for about 45 minutes to this massive cooled lava “mountain” and then you hike to where the lava is flowing on the over side! I was so incredible; I cannot believe I was 10 feet from flowing lava, wow! It was so hot up there is actually melted the shoes of one of the guys we were with! Brandon was scared that his pants were gonna burn!

Brandon also got to go to one of my meetings with my women’s group. We made corn bread, which is one of his favorite foods so he was happy but bored because he could not talk with the women. The fact that Brandon could not speak Spanish did not stop the women from talking to him! He thought they were laughing at him the whole time but they were just talking about how cute and tall he was! They just thought he was the most adorable thing ever!

For his last weekend here I took Brandon to Panajachel on the lake! Normally it is incredibly beautiful but unfortunately tropical storm Alma brought rain, rain and more rain so it wasn’t as cool as normal! Plus we were stuck with each other in a hotel room for two afternoons straight, which by the end we wanted to kill each other!

I was sad for Brandon to leave but I was also ready to get back to my normal routine and I know that he was anxious to get back to start summer baseball! All in all it was amazing to finally see my brother and get to hang out with him so much, without family or friends around! It was great bonding time and we are both alive to tell about!

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